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Candle Glass Return Program

Candle Glass Return Program

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Royal Mail Return Label.

  1. Do you have old Golden Fords Candles glasses at home that can be reused and are undamaged?
  2. Request a return label with your next order. Put your old glasses in the box and reuse all the packing material.
  3. Then just drop it off at the post office.

 Condition of this service

  • We are not able to reuse glasses that are damaged or chipped, so please do not send these back to us.
  • We will only send out return labels to customer that have ordered a candle (label and candle glass must be in the same basket) 
  • Return labels expire, so please only order a label if you already have glasses ready to return, (for example this is your second order and your old candle is finished and needs replacing)
  • You will be required to take the candle to the post office to complete the return process
  • Please be aware that we are offering this service at cost to us, we offer it in good faith that customers take note of all the notes above, we are running this as a trial and we reserve the right to suspend the service at any time.