Candle Glass Return Program

Candle Glass Return Program

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Royal Mail Return Label. Emailed

  1. Labels are sent to customers using email. They are generated manually so please alow 1 day for them to arrive in your inbox
  2. Do you have old Golden Fords Candles glasses at home that can be reused and are undamaged?
  3. Request a return label and we will email it to you.
  4. Then just drop it off at the post office.

 Condition of this service

  • We are not able to reuse glasses that are damaged or chipped, so please do not send these back to us.
  • Return labels expire, so please only order a label if you already have a glass ready to return, (for example this is your second order and your old candle is finished and needs replacing)
  • You will be required to take the candle to the post office to complete the return process