Collection: Greeting Cards

Nadine Hume Illustration - a one-woman paper goods company created by me: Nadine Hume.

Ever since I can remember I have always loved to make cards for friends and family, making them unique to the individual. I’m always more excited to see them open a card and see the joy on their face more than the gift. Words in a card are what I believe get us through the tough times and celebrate the joys that life brings.

After a few years working in the city, I went through a time where I had anxiety and found it difficult to find joy in the everyday. To get through it all, most evenings I would paint and do some calligraphy. These were times where I could escape from the stress of my city job. I created a few cards and art pieces, and decided that I should share these creations with others and so Nadine Hume Illustration was born!

All cards are illustrated by me in Farnham. The aim is to create lovingly made art that makes you want to keep it forever in a keepsake box. I’m proud to say that all cards are 100% recyclable and have naked packing - no plastic here!

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