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New: The Power of Lavender

We are living in stressful times, there is no doubt. We are experiencing things that not even our parents have lived through and although life is hard right now we can find peace and comfort in the things we love. 

If we can offer you one tip for this uncertain climate, it's to make sure you make time for yourself. Do something for you and don't feel selfish for taking that time to recharge. This will allow you to face each day with strength, power and love. 

Our No1 English lavender and dead sea minerals rapeseed and coconut candle offers a complex blend of essential natural oils that can help relax and rejuvenate you. If you're stressed, tired, or anxious in the afternoon, we suggest lighting No1 a few hours before you go to sleep. This will fill space in your home with these natural fragrances, and will help calm your soul to allow you to find the Zen you require to sleep.

Lavender is a wonderfully unique floral fragrance that is not overpowering and has been proven to provide a range of benefits to the body.

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