News: Scorching Summer Scents

We’re really excited to announce a brand-new range for the summer! Even if the heatwave passes and the dreaded UK rain sets back in, our new scents will have you in summertime heaven.

These five new scents will make their debut at the Winchester Antiques, Vintage, Retro, Shabby Chic and Collectibles Market on August 16th, 2020.

Come and see us at our stall from 10am to 3pm where we’ll have all ten scents available to buy, as well as some tealight packs in our 1 to 5 flagship range.

The new No 6 Lime and Cucumber is a refreshing and clean scent perfect for clearing away the muggy cobwebs of a stale day.

No 7 Cherry Blossom brings together all the best things about spring and summer with a warm, floral flavour.

Another gorgeous floral scent is No 8 Summer Buttercup, which embodies all the best bits of being in a sunshiney meadow. 

For a reminder of summer holiday cocktails, No 9 Mango and Starfruit is a fun and fruity flavour that’s almost good enough to eat!

Inspired by the woodlands surrounding the Golden Fords farm in Chantry Woods, No 10 Wild Blackcurrant is a woody, fruity flavour with notes of cassis.

If you can’t make it to the market, the new range will be online ready for purchase the following week. They will be available with wooden or cotton wicks just like the rest of the range.

We are also introducing a smaller sized candle of 300g. These are exclusively cotton wick candles and are priced at £20. 

For more details on events, see our events page.

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