News: Rejuvenating Juniper


The current situation in the UK means a lot more time spent at home and less time being able to get lost in nature.

On those days we're stuck inside and unable to enjoy the outdoors as they're meant to be enjoyed, we have to find ways to combat the stale indoors. 

Our No2 Seaweed and Juniper candle is a combination of the freshest outdoorsy scents to remind you how restorative nature can be. At the heart of this refreshing blend are juniper, tea tree, and pine. Each of these woody essential oils has its own distinct healing properties as well as smelling absolutely divine!

Juniper and tea tree have long been used as antiseptics in their oil form, and can also reinvigorate and energise with their fresh, aromatic edge. 

Their earthy scent in our No2 candle is offset perfectly by notes of jasmine and geranium, and all combined can definitely have you believing you're relaxing in a gorgeous Surrey forest. The top notes of ozone and salt and driftwood will bring you on an escape to the seaside to finish off your indoor-outdoor adventure. 

Author's tip: enjoy No2 with a classic gin and tonic* - gin is made from distilled juniper berries!

*Please drink responsibly.

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